Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mastering the Hero's Journey

I am learning a lot about myself in the short amount of time that we have been going through this course. Even without my trying, I see clearly my shortcomings and inadequacies. I feel like my mind is being opened up; not just opened to new ideas and insights, but also to my failings and successes in life. Everything in my mind is swirling in a vortex of thought, metaphorically speaking. I suppose my next course of action is to organize those thoughts and persevere to overcome my weaknesses and limitations. I love the concept of perseverance. We you get into a rut, or when life gets rough and difficult, enduring to the end is all that we can do.

I think that pursuing our passions in our careers is key to us enjoying our jobs. Who would want to go to work in a place that you dread going to? Why waste your time at something that you hate doing? We should find our passions and work towards being a master in something. As was mentioned in the video titled “A Hero’s Journey,” people will pay good money to watch pros like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. We may not be the greatest at basketball or golf, but we can find what we ARE good at, even masters at, and have people pay us for that. For example, if someone is an incredible artist, people will pay money to either view the masterpieces or even purchase them outright.

That should be our goal then. To find our passions, master them, and persevere in this lifelong journey. 

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