Saturday, October 22, 2016

Where are my loyalties?

As I watched a video by Jan Newman, I thought to myself, “As my life continues, what activities am I crunching into the time frame I have?” Newman talked about never crunching your family, spouse, or the Lord to fit in all the other aspects of life such as hobbies and interests. It is the hobbies and other recreational things that should be crunched down, even our careers. This concept ties into some of our previous materials about following our passions. We should follow them in our careers; however, they shouldn’t take our focus away from what matters most.

The Lord does not care what job we had or how much money we made. He wants us to have honesty and integrity with our fellow men. If we can use our careers as a standpoint from which we can bring others to Christ and serve them, we will be a light to the world. 

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